Boudoir Photographer Western Massachusetts

Greg Bernier has been a boudoir photographer since 2003. He personally conducts all meetings, photography and editing himself. All boudoir sessions are custom tailored to your budget. Please contact us with your needs and we will quote your specific project out for you.

Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or a hotel setting. In our opinion, these environmental elements add to the quality of what you are trying to portray.

Is a boudoir session the right fit?

Building a level of trust is our #1 priority. We have provided some client feedback sourced from follow up consultations below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions of your own!

What was your takeaway or “feeling” from doing a boudoir session with us?

“I felt so comfortable, energized, and good about myself both during and after my session. When I reviewed my final proof prints, I was floored by the lighting and quality of my images.” - T.D.

What reservations did you have before your boudoir session with us?

“ I am VERY camera shy and had limited lingerie outfits. It had nothing to do with what I was wearing and everything to do with my attitude. Within 15 mins I was completely comfortable. I love my images so much and gave my husband a book of them for our first anniversary. His reaction was very positive!” - D.F.

How would you describe your most memorable moment?

“I was feeling a “bit heavy” prior to my session. The most memorable moment for me was being asked to view the images on a large monitor during my session. What a pleasant surprise as this provided breaks between shooting to review our progress. I felt more confident with how I looked, and that made all the difference in how my images turned out.” - A.M.

Was a bridal boudoir shoot the right choice for you?

“Well, my bridesmaids secretly upgraded me to the deluxe hotel setting for my bridal boudoir shoot. The location and setting were ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I took a day for myself and it was well worth the drive and experience throughout the whole process. I sent a beautifully embossed book to my fiance a few weeks before our wedding day. He now wants to stay in the same room for one of our future getaways… Lucky me!” - J.J.