We are not a casino…..and your head shot shouldn’t be a crap shoot either!

What makes us the best choice for your headshot photography needs? We understand what makes a pictorial representation stand out. Most people tend to settle for sub par headshots and portraits. They think a current generation phone or a pro camera does all the work. They could not be farther from the truth. Read more below….

Pro headshot photographers understand that only 20% of a great final image has to do with their equipment, cost, or technical skill. 80% of capturing a great portrait for a client hinges upon psychology and the relationship with the photographer. In short, human connection and human collaboration.

Why do we excel as a portrait (a.k.a. headshot) business? For starters our goal is to create an accurate pictorial representation of you. We need to get your mindset in the game so your final image will convey a natural, welcoming, yet confident message to your viewers. That is what we do. We also coach our clients, not pose them. We shoot in “LIVE VIEW” and encourage your participation and feedback throughout the session. There are no time limits to your session until you are 100% satisfied. After your session we will provide multiple formats and cropping variations of the final images. They will be optimized for their intended use in either print, web, or social media applications. Please inquire about our on location shoots for individuals or groups.

So what are you waiting for? When was the last time you updated your headshot? Maybe your personal situation has changed and you could benefit from a stellar profile photo for a dating site? The options are endless but we all look differently today than 2 years ago.

So it is your call…. (413) 237-6307